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The first trip, I was asked often what my cause was, that one I really didn't have one, but now I do. I am riding for awareness, not just about Uterine Cancer, but our health in general. We know ourselves better than any doctor, stand up and fight for yourself, it may just save your life.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a mild panic attack, really

It is 2 days before I head across the country, and most everything is ready to go, there are always those last minute things to put together and purchase as well as making sure that all the details at home are taken care of. Today, amidst my crazed driving and dashing from store to store, finishing packing up my house, and moving all my belongings over to my friends house for storage I did manage to take a little time for myself and have a tiny panic attack.
Just a brief moment of "Holy Crap, am I really gonna do this" and then it was back to running around pouring over my endless lists, hoping that I have everything I need. And through this mind numbing dash to the starting line, voices of my friends reach me all saying the same thing, I will be fine, I can do this and if I do need anything to please let them know.
Thank you, I appreciate and love you all and am dedicating this trip to my dear friends and family members that believe in my strength and just plain stubbornness.
And when I get a chance I will post a picture of the dog in his pack, he hates it and looks miserable, it is hilarious.

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